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"What happened here? It feels like I've been asleep for a long time."

Vanishing Point

In 2004, the software developer Brent Watters disappeared, leaving his twelve-year-old daughter Eloise without answers––apart from the name of his last project, Asphodel. Eighteen years later, Eloise is finally ready to search for answers inside their old family computer. 

In Vanishing Point, explore the Agave Recovery Wizard as a virtual assistant called Echo. Navigate through mind-bending puzzles that blend two- and three-dimensional space. Recover files, venture deeper into the Watters family computer, and unfold a tragedy lost to time.

About Us

Vanishing Point is developed by Team COVE:

  • Andrew DiVittorio - Programmer & mechanic designer
  • Drew Caines - Animator & 2D texture artist
  • Gabi Dias - 3D environmental artist
  • Justin Vo - Level designer & marketing lead
  • Sam Blake - Writer, narrative designer, & producer
  • Santiago Fernández - Level designer & producer
  • Sawyer Smith - OS puzzle designer & writer
  • Siena Sockel - 2D artist & illustrator

We couldn't have made this game without the help of:

  • Donovan Robinson - Composer
  • Gabe Grow - Unity developer & programmer
  • Jeff Atwood - Voice of Brent Watters
  • McKenzie Atwood - Voice of Eloise Watters


Final_Exam_Build_(WINDOWS).zip 192 MB


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I really enjoyed the demo! Loved the idea + mechanics felt super fluid. The puzzles definitely had places where I had to improvise - enjoyed it immensely!

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It’s a good game, but for some reason I felt the Liminal Space effect while solving the puzzles, good game, thank you


Hey, I'm a graduating student from MICA and this game looks amazing! Caught it on the NYU game center Twitch. The  3D to 2D design and visuals are *Chef kiss*


very cool game! when you go afk it restarts though so be careful ;)


Clever, I love it!